red wine

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  1. J

    Newbie wine maker

    Heeeelp, ive used a Wilco home wine kit, it’s 2 weeks old now and still bubbling, when can I add the the other sachets and do I leave bottling till it’s ready, I’ve purchased a hydrometer but I didn’t do the reading on day 1 🤦🏼‍♀️ It’s tastes like wine though 🤣 many thanks jo 😘
  2. Bootcutboy

    Advice on brewing the “Make Your Own” brand red and white wine kits please

    Howdy all. I managed to get hold of a white and a red Make your Own brand wine kits and I am looking for any advice to get the best out of these please? I do have a brew fridge set up now to use, but this will be my first ever foray into wine brewing so any advice would be amazing, or should I...
  3. Bootcutboy

    Howdy from Teesside

    Hello all, just wanting to introduce myself, I am just about to start up brewing again after giving up the first time to do lack of spare time. A couple of years back I actually managed to fashion a fruit press and made myself a load of proper cider with fizz from about 3 black bags full of...
  4. Norse John

    BelVino Australian Red kit

    Just finished and bottled up having brewed 23 litres. Calculated to have finished ABV of 10.8%. Brewed to the instructions apart from my stabiliser mistake and the starter yeast solution. Left a litre out for consumption today, and have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. Preferably I'd have liked...