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Apr 22, 2022
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Is it just my imagination or have "cheaper" all in ones gone up significantly in price. Was asked to recommend a cheap all in one and was horrified to find that my Klarstein Mundschenk is now £610! More than double what I paid last year. Brewmonk and others seem much more expensive too, albeit not like the Copper Mundschenk which is in an inflation class all of its own
I bought a Guten 70 litre in NZ in mid 2020, 899 dollars.
So about 450 pounds.

I see it is now 1100 dollars so 550 pounds.

However on the Kegking website in australia it's 690 nz dollars. So travel and a mark up is significant is a stinger.
But with my modifications it's a great unit.

EDIT a return ticket to Aus is only around 600 dollars, so next time I go I'll take an empty suitcase.