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Nov 27, 2009
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Biggleswade, Bedfordshire
I have found a supplier for a the new type large soda stream bottle (60 litres) to the old style soda stream injector

SOD20124928.JPG ... GAS2157070

However, they are 20 euros, plus 20 euros shipping. £40 FOR AN ADAPTOR!

I was wondering if any one else needs one? This was we could split the postage cost between a few of us, and I could post for a much lower price in the UK. If enough people are interested, then I may be able to get discount too....

Does that make sense? The link to the website is ... waffe.html
I'm surprised too. I could do with one myself, but at that price I'm looking at just getting a pub gas set up so I won't be dependent on sodastream. Have yet to sort all that out and have 2 full kegs of beer conditioning though......

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