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Oct 16, 2019
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Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire UK
Finally got a brew on for the first time since last October. We moved house Jan 5th to the E Lincs coast where the water is harder than Bruce Lee!

Back to kits and back to basics for now. Festival Razorback made with Aldi bottled water, mixed in my Bucket Blaster tub and into my FK Chubby. I couldn’t find my refractometer so relying on my iSpindel for readings.

Now sat in my Series X kegerator simply as ferm chamber - no heat or cooling, being enjoyed by a sachet of S04 under 10psi. It’s rocketing down, hopefully at dry hop stage by the weekend.
Soft water is great for pale beers, however the critical stage is the mash, and with a kit, this has been done by others. In theory there should be no need to spend money on bottled water.

It would be interesting to brew the same kit again with tap water (or split a kit) and compare the resulting beers.
Our tap water is very hard but also has very low chlorine levels so in theory should be fine for Burton style ales. However, historically I stick to bottled water for consistency with kits so there aren’t too many variables in play. Once I have some drinkable beer in the kegs I’ll start experimenting with tap water.

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