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You can add the 2024 Anglian Craft Brewers Homebrew competition to the calendar.

Will be held on Saturday November 16th and will focus on American Styles.

Competition website is just being developed and further information should be available toward the end of the month with registration opening sometime Mid June.
Updated 17/05/24

Competition nameEntry limitRegistered entries as at 26/02/2024Paid entries as at 26/02/2024BOS judging dateRegister by dateShipping windowEntry feeMinimum bottles requiredStyle infoStatus/Info
Scottish Nationals300ClosedClosed28/01/2024Closed15/01/2024-20/01/2024Closed3x 330mlOpenCompetition is complete
UK Nationals400ClosedClosed17/02/2024Closed28/02/2024-14/02/2024Closed2 x 330mlOpenCompetition is complete
Lager Than Life110ClosedClosed23/03/2024Closed15/03/2024-22/03/2024Closed3 x 330mlLagerCompetition is complete
LAB Open300ClosedClosed19/05/202405/05/202410/05/2024-16/05/2024£10.50 (additional entries £7.50)3 x 330mlOpenClosed
RAB - Sours in the Sun10024730/06/202422/06/202410/06/2024-21/06/2024£8.00 (additional entries £6.00)3 x 330mlSour/Fruit/Mixed-Fermentation
Registration open
Welsh National200TBCTBC12/10/202401/09/202420/09/2024-05/10/2024£5.00 (additional entries £3.00)2 x 330mlOpen
Registration open - see revised dates
NAB - These Ales of Wonder1201428412/10/202430/09/202401/10/2024-08/10/2024£10.00 (additional entries £6.00)3 x 330mlBritish & Irish AlesRegistration open
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