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Jan 31, 2023
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Aberdeen Scotland UK
Loving kit brewing but would be interested to hear views on how best to improve a kit
If you could change/ adjust one ( or 2 ! ) things to enhance a beer / bitter, what would it/ they be?

Brewing sugar v granulated?
A better quality yeast?
Water adjustment?

Thanks folks

I’ve played around with a few Full Extract Kits. They are a great way to play about with kits. You steep the grains, boil and add the 1 can kit, hops, yeast etc and quality is great.
I’m just about to do a Coopers Canadian Blonde with light dry malt extract, Citra and mosaic hops and an IPA yeast. I did something similar before and it turned out great.
Malt extract instead of sugar,personally I found dry better.
You can change the yeast.
Temperature control.
Camden tab for water.
Dry hop.
Keg or bottle?