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A days work for most back then was hard work machines do most of our graft now I belive no one carries a hod up ladders on building sites these days.
Too many takeaways, beers, fast food and less effort at work was always going to end badly for our waistlines.
Absolutely agree.. egg👍🏻roasties 👍🏻

Chicken fat doesn't do it for me and its the only one that goes to feed.

But its a myth that fat makes body fat, and I think I read somewhere recently that the World health organisation (maybe) has suggested perhaps we don't eat enough.

Back in the 50's they were "big bones" 😁😁

Typo: logic error
On a YT channel dr eric berg I think 🤔 said, 'you are what you eat is incorrect'. A cow eats grass, is it made of grass no! - you transform what you eat and went onto say that eating fat wouldn't necessarily make you fat. He then went on an on and on and when I woke up there was a bizzare video about the universe not being real.
On my youth I was (still) a fan of anything rocknroll...when I had more hair I had it greased up into a quiff.
My younger brother once put the cold chip pan on my head proclaiming my hair needed extra grease!

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