Gravitymon iSpindle and Nautilis iSpindel Plus repeater - Brewfather configuration

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May 5, 2023
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Hi, I've made a bunch of iSpindels using the Jeffery 2.69 PCB, and installed the Gravitymon firmware which is has been superb. I'm sending one iSpindel to my brother who has a Nautilis iSpindel Plus wifi repeater. The goal is to report the data to BrewFather, and also see the iSpindel data 'locally' using the Nautilis. Has anyone else done this? I'd be interested to know how they set the iSpindel up to report to both. I've set my iSpindels to report directly to BrewFather, but I'm not sure if/how the Nautilis can intercept this data and display it?
Thank you.
I have the nautiliis sat up with a ispindel. You need the ispindel to report to the nautilus and the nautilus to report to brewfather. Its just a case of changing the WiFi network in the ispindel to that of the nautilus and link the nautilus to brewfather (just the same as you previously linked the ispindel).

If you have any questions just ask, but it's straightforward

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