HBF Competition 1st/2nd/3rd Place Winners Recipes

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    Here's my recipe too

    Great work getting the comp up and running :thumb:
    Here's to many more :drink:

    I'd been wanting to make a 'traditional' IPA for a while and the comp seemed like a good excuse.
    The simple recipe was based on Martyn Cornell's blog post about a collaborative brew he did with Brains: http://zythophile.co.uk/2012/06/17/how-i-brewed-my-own-ipa-at-brains/
    I brewed this back on 31st July as I wanted it to have decent maturing time (although not as long as a real 19th Century IPA would have done)

    Colonel Cornell's East India Pale Ale

    24L batch
    OG 1.056
    FG 1.007
    6.5% ABV
    50ish IBUs

    Maris Otter - 6kg
    Black malt - 20g
    Mash @ 65C

    60mins: EKG 80g
    10mins: EKG 60g
    Dry hop in FV when yeast pitched (for a more aged dry hop flavour): EKG 50g

    1pk Notty + 1pk MJ west coast ale yeast, fermented at 17C, rising to 20C to finish

    That was meant to be it, but I got worried that there might not being any hop flavour/aroma left by comp time, so chucked another 50g EKG pellets in 2ndry for the last 5 days before bottling.


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