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Nov 2, 2013
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For first brew with the new Klarstein kit , I learned
a few things. Brew was CML ST Austell Tribute 19l og 1043
Firstly panel takes a bit of time to understand with beeps and chirrups all very unhelpful, sussed out how to stop adjust and reset restart eventually. Mash water heating was quick 15-20 mins and you can adjust power requirement I just left it at 2000w
I added 250g rice hulls and mashed for an hour - recirculating 4-5 times during that time.
I added 5l to the mash water to allow for dead space under malt pipe, lifted and sparged with 5 litres of strike water again after recirculation with a jug 3-4 times. Grain bed looked pretty even with no clumps after draining and S.g. showed around 1030, temp corrected giving 1043
Boiled for 1 hour with only one boilover! dropped power to 1000w and it seemed ok with this.
Chilled using immersion coil, only issue I could see is what was mentioned before is the bazooka mesh is a bit too fine and clogs easily, got round this by scraping it clear with plastic paddle.
cleandown easy enough mesh plates fit the malt pipe fine without those stupid silicone gaskets that grainfather uses.
Maybe not the 'correct' methods but hey it works for me, looking forward to seeing the results in a few weeks!


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