Onion taste in hoppy beers

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I remember reading in one of Randy Mosher's (I think) books about some of his beers tasting of onions. I think he puts it down to lack of nutrients or even trub in the beer. I must confess I raised an eyebrow at this one. Mosher is one of favourite writers, but he does get some funny things happening sometimes.
I've found wild hops and the initial smell when rubbed between my fingers is of garlic. Some suggest that overripe hops is the source.

Any dedicated home brewer should have a gas chromatograph amongst his equipment.
This is great reading....is there more papers from 1988.....
So it looks like its from a few paths..... Some as knowledgeably brewers we don't do.

Dimethyl Trisulphide DMTS is purged during fermentation by co2. Its what google said....☺
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