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Equipment For Sale SS Brewtech 15 gallon (approx 56 litre) kettle

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Nov 7, 2018
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I am selling this SS Brewtech 15 US gallon kettle. Well cared for and in excellent condition.

I've made many a great beer on this in conjunction with the induction hob I am selling separately. I used it to fill two SS Brewtech 7gal fermenting buckets.

Complete with the temperature gaugue and tap. As shown it has camlock fittings on the tap and the recirc port. I can include or swap those as helpful. I also have other bits and bobs to suit it and a few spare accessories. Including, as shown in the latter pictures, a heavy duty TD5 pump together with flow control tap and camlock fittings.

Asking for £120, plus another £120 if you'd like the pump etc.

This doesn't come with the original box or manual, which I'm sure you won't need but the manual is available online.

Collection from London E1 or I can deliver personally within a reasonable distance.


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