The scheme that gives alcohol to alcoholics

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Mar 17, 2013
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Ulverston Cumbria.
It sounds crazy but seems to be working -

In the first project of its kind in Scotland, a project in Glasgow aims to stabilise alcoholics by giving them alcohol.

It is 10:00 and Peter is getting his first "pour" of the day - an agreed measure of lager deemed sufficient to curb his cravings to binge.
Peter is 60 and has been a chronic alcoholic since he was a teenager.
He is one of 10 men at the Managed Alcohol Programme (MAP) in Glasgow, which is based on a model used in Canada I visited three years ago.
It is for the most chaotic homeless alcoholics who have already tried and failed traditional abstinence programmes.
Every hour or two hours the residents are given a measure of wine or beer to keep sufficient alcohol in their bloodstream to prevent a seizure but not enough to get them drunk.
In addition they get a home, stability and some structure, the chance to engage with mental health services and develop their interests.
The proposal was controversial with some but it has now been up and running for 12 months.
For the past few months we have had exclusive access to the pilot.

The first time we go in with the camera in October 2022 one resident seems a little inebriated, lurching from wall to wall.
There's been an argument between one man who has been buying extra alcohol and another who is trying his best to reduce his intake.
Peter admits he has had a lot to drink. His best friend has just died from an alcohol-related illness. He doesn't want to die the same way but for today, he is drowning his pain.
He says: "I think I was an alcoholic when I was 16, because I used to drink two bottles of wine, two bottles of Buckfast every night with my mum." She bought it for him, he says.
When we return two weeks later, Peter is doing better.
He has been to the dentist for the first time in decades, started eating meals, and getting in touch with his family after years of silence and shame.
Every Monday he has a music lesson. His voice - deep and hoarse - tells a story in itself.
I ask him where he would be if he wasn't here.
"I'd be dead," he says. "Because I just kept doing it - buying drink. This has helped me a lot, this place."
Now, eight months after he entered the house, Peter is talking about getting a flat of his own and a dog.

Full article. The scheme that gives alcohol to alcoholics
Thought this was wide spread for years. I have heard of a few alcoholic around by me having free alcohol. No doubt brewdog may look to capitalise and sponsor it.
Given he was on 30 units a day before being referred for the scheme and I'm on around 60 a week I'd have to up my game to qualify for free booze.

As much as I enjoy gin it would be the thin edge of the wedge for me to regularly drink spirits neat so only drink spirits diluted and never ever drink shots alone.

I've now discovered whisky smoother than a babys bottom. Nothing like the bells and teachers 💩 my parents had in the drinks cupboard. they were the fosters of whisky.🤢 I had a balblair 12 in the malt room in inverness and wow better than dalwhinnie 15 and as good as penderyn maderia finish. fortunately mrs DOJ was in attendance or i'd have carried on.

smoky and peaty aren't my bag.

also down to 50 a week and the 2 lbs I put on during hols to Scotland I have now lost. Alcohol = calories 😭
Chronic alcoholic seems tortology to me.
I was infuriated as a burns surgeon when they introduced supervised deliberate self harm using caustic soda applied to the " patients" arms.

We used to prescribe measures of spirits or beer to our alcoholic patients having big surgery and recovering.
Worked much better than the drug alternative.
As much as I enjoy gin it would be the thin edge of the wedge for me to regularly drink spirits neat so only drink spirits diluted and never ever drink shots alone.
I rarely drink spirits, but when I do, it's always neat, even pastis. Never been able to taste the gin in gin and tonic and I'd much rather have a pint, frankly. I don't think I've ever had a shot if you mean a little tot that you neck down in one without tasting it.

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