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Apr 27, 2022
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Hi folks!

My first ever recipe in here and I am exicited!
I've been brewing some ciders for the three or four months now - first one was made from the apple juice (from the concentrate), another with apple juice NFC, which I bought as the local supermarket, then I made another one of apple-cherry NFC juice + cloves +cinnamon as the seasoning....the list goes for another two brews, but let's go to the main point:

I made this new brew by using rosetip and hibiscus herb infusion + black tea leaves infusion as well + about one and half pound of apples, which I previously cooked and later treated with pectoenzyme + regular sugar + apple juice NFC and of course some yeast and nutrient.

and I can tell you I am impatient to try it already, though only fifth day is passing by yet.
Apple juice and some more of the rosetip/hibiscus infusion I added today to see if the aromas will hold on better. I can smell some were lost during the fermentation process.
I was unable to find any simiar recipe for light alcoholic drink, but maybe you have made similar recipes?
Please, share them with me, I find it very helpful. :D

Ohh yes, I am using 8 litres plastic jugs. Hope to get about 7,5 litres of final product :beer1:acheers.

A photo and a video with the crazy day of the yeast life. Lemme tell ya, they can party hard! haha!


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