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Jan 5, 2015
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Speaking to BBC 5 Live Breakfast, Headlam (A financial advisor) explains what the latest figures mean: “Stuff is still 4% more expensive than it might have been and twice as expensive as the bank’s target of 2% inflation.”

So if STUFF was £100 at 4% inflation it would now be £104. If it was at 2% it would be £102 . £104 is not twice as expensive as £102. That's one financial advisor i'd steer clear of.

Being charitable it could just be a brain fart but the BBC thought it was ok to quote without a correction.
Watched a documentary on concord the other day "we flew half way to new York and half way back to London" , well I hope you flew all the way back !
Yes, that would have them landing a quarter of the way out to New York...

This is a classic too...

Just goes to show...it never pays to think on your feet....