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    Covid-19 the second wave.

    Not trolling chippy - I added my 2 penneth and got nothing but abuse...
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    Covid-19 the second wave.

    That stirred the nest didn't it? I'll remove since you all feel so strongly. Open debate is obviously not allowed anywhere.
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    Covid-19 the second wave.

    There are more cases because the Government have added ALL seasonal Flu into the figures for Covid 19. There have been NO seasonal flu cases reported across the world since WEEK 15!!! All governments are screwing the figures to make us all fearful. They are LYING to us - to force us to take the...
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    famous guitars

    Bob Dylan?
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    Poll: Should Christmas be postponed?

    It's all a load of Bol***x. It's all been arranged to bring the country to it's knees. When the truth comes out they better watch out.
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    Converting an Urn into a Boiler

    Hi PVJ, I would not recommend removing the thermal cut out - just in case you forget the boiler is on and it boils dry. You could chance it though but that would be up to you. I'm too forgetful these days so have left it in.
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    Converting an Urn into a Boiler

    Hi there DD, Sorry for the long delay in replying to you - I had login issues that have only just been resolved. To answer your question. Yes all is still OK with the boiler and I have done 27 brews without any issues. The mod to do the rolling boil works a treat and - with the two elements in...
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    My Fermentation fridge build.

    I think I am going to bolt them onto the door supported by one of the shelves That way I can set them at different levels to suit. They will be powered by 12V fed from an external mains socket so I can switch them off separately if required - yet another socket required somewhere lol
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    My Fermentation fridge build.

    Not tried it with full fermenters yet - that's the next stage - it may need some wooden shelves in - suitably vented of course and I have yet to wire up the circulating fans.
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    My Fermentation fridge build.

    I found a free BEKO larder fridge TLDA 521 and had misgivings about drilling holes in it but since I would not be losing anything if I did kill it i decided to go for it. I bit the bullet and had a look inside to see where the best or more likely position for drilling would be. I removed the...
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    Cheap Hop Bags - very cheap!!!

    If you are looking for a bag to put hops in for the boil - and you don't want to pay too much for them - then go to your local Sainsburys super market. There they sell 30 cm square draw string bags for buying loose vegetables for only 30 pence!!! The usual nylon bag is about £3 in the Home...
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    Mouth Feel - Beer tastes "Syrupy" What to do?

    I have made a few reasonable tasty beers (I think) but the best of them have a syrupy feel to them and nothing like the commercial brews in any of my microbrew houses. So I have a plan to make a brew as normal with a post boil SG of 1.075 ish but of half my normal volume of about 10 liters...
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    Show us your beer.

    Hi SteveH, Beer looks good. I have centennial hops and would be interested in seeing the recipe if possible. Is it in Brewers Friend?
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    Show us your beer.

    My Lager attempt is far too bitter... I need some advice as to how to fix this for next time.
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    Troubleshooting Home Brewed Beer

    Very informative. - I consistently make all these mistakes. Time for another brew....