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    Looky likey naipa

    Looky likey naipa
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    Bulk hops.

    Def interested 250g Citra and 250g East Kent Goldings or similar?
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    Rob's Export porter

    Just making this one, cooling down through my home made chiller as I type. Cut the grain bill by about 5%, OG 1055ish. Added some Cascade and Hallertau that I had left, about 10g in total at the last 5 mins. Anyone made this?
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    Recipe check - Belgian dark strong ale

    Love a bit of experimentation athumb... But I also like the easy route! Just used Golden Syrup in a Leffe clone I bottled yesterday. It's going to be a long 3 weeks acheers.
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    Recipe check - Belgian dark strong ale

    Can't you just use Golden Syrup, as it is inverted sugar?
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    Plastic or glass bottles

    Best get our lass drinking out of them then! :laugh8::laugh8::laugh8: (so glad she can't see this)
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    Cold crash and finings before kegging?

    I cold crashed my American IPA (first AG brew for about 15 years!) last week for 4 days, bottled 4 ltrs and kegged the rest (about 15ltrs) and it was really clear, even after dry hopping with pellets straight into the FV. Never tried this method before, looks like it won't any finings at all.
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    Does anyone remember...

    I'm ashamed to say, but in my early drinking day's, my go to bitter was a Double Diamond
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    Burco boiler Mash tun

    I made one using a 25ltr bucket and a kettle element pinched from a travel kettle. Made a false bottom with a sheet of perforated ss, and then modified it by fitting underneath the perf sheet with a splash protector thing (for a frying pan) and that fitted perfectly at the bottom of the (Wilco)...
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    Leffe clone

    Leffe clone
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    Mr. Harry’s Pig Tale Extra Pale

    Mr. Harry’s Pig Tale Extra Pale
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    Bye Bye Braumeister?

    Yes, very very shiny, but very very expensive. I know home brewing isn't all about saving money by making your own beer, more the pleasure of brewing something as good as the commercial brewers, but to me, spending that sort of money on home brew equipment is nuts.
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    What are you drinking tonight.

    Love the Moody's, Days of Future Past ..... classic! :)
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    My first brew for years!! Bonn Place Brewing Mr. Harry’s Pig Tale Extra Pale

    Made my first AG brew in about 15 years today. Bought my ingredients from crossmyloof. Used Simcoe in place of Pacific Jade, similar alpha acid. Everything went hunky dory, pitched yeast at about 27 degrees, a bit high I know, but stuck it in the cellar so hopefully ok. At the top of the celler...