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  1. thegrantickle

    Priming Sugar Calculator

    Hi all, I've created an excel spreadsheet (attached) to calculate the amount of priming sugar required to achieve desired carbonation level. I've been using this method with really great, consistent results for the past few months, so decided to make a spreadsheet calculator to speed up...
  2. SmallSpacesBrewing

    The Boel iTap bottle filler. A review by SmallSpacesBrewing

    Hi guys. I was sendt this little piece of kit and would like to share it with you. If you ever wondered how to bottle from a keg or from a fermentasaurus/fermzilla this is a great way to do so. I made a video, which i posted on my new youtube chanel. SmallSpacesBrewing. Hope you guys check it...
  3. D

    Newbie - advice needed please (when to add sugar/bottle)

    Hi all, I've been reading lots on this forum and picked up lots of tips (and terminology!) so thank you! I'm a first timer and brand new to home brew so have started with a simple Brewmaster Pilsner home kit and I've had a steady read for 4 days now so I think I'm ready for 2nd fermentation...
  4. muppix

    Possible to safely over-carb crown-caps?

    I've always used carbonation drops at bottling time to add a little sparkle, and the instructions usually recommend 2 drops per 500 ml bottle. In practice this provides a good level of carbonation for the kits I've done so far, Wherry, Honey Porter, etc. For IPAs and cider I'd like another 25%...
  5. L

    Bottling AIPA

    Hi all, I'm brewing my first batch of AIPA from Mangrove Jacks. I have a pressure barrel but have read on here it's better for the carbonation to bottle it. I've bought a fair few swing top bottles from a wholesaler but I'm not sure when they will come. I'm due to dry hop my brew from Monday...
  6. A

    NEIPA in a plastic King Keg

    Hey guys, I'm going to be brewing a NEIPA next weekend. I've previously bottled one, and wasn't too keen on the outcome, think there was some oxidation issues. I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on my idea of potentially barreling it in a plastic King Keg barrel...
  7. Bootcutboy

    Do I need to bottle Wilko Cerveza now or can it wait a few days?

    Hi all, just a quick question about my kit I am brewing. My Wilko Cerveza kit is now at a constant 1.005, is it best to bottle it ASAP or will it be ok to sit around in the beer fridge for a few days at 1.005? Just asking as I will struggle to find time until the weekend, but also it’s good...
  8. DrCrinkle

    Does a tall, thin bottle clear slower than a short, fat one?

    Hi All, I was wondering if the rate of clearing is linked to the depth of the bottle (or keg). Anyone tested the theory?
  9. T

    What are the best types of bottles? Where do you get them from? Share your opinions...

    What are the best types of bottles? Where do you get them from? Share your opinions...
  10. Carpersbrewing

    Adding isinglass or gelatine at bottleing

    Hi guys quick question, has anyone on here tried adding gelatine or isinglass to the bottling bucket and then bottling straight away, so that you fine the beer in the bottle? Or is it best to just do it in secondary and leave it for a few days till it clears? Just want to know if it will make...
  11. Craig_teesside

    repurpose first fermentation co2

    Im just starting brewing again because I'm skint, last time was 20 years ago. I have a few questions. I'm doing a Geordie Lager which I gather is a pale ale. I'm using a diy airlock because I live close to pubs in town and there's vinegar flies all over. Should I pay more attention to bubbles...
  12. Popey

    Cold crashing and bottling - question

    On the basis that there is no such thing as a dumb question, here goes... My Wilko triple hopped IPA has finished fermenting and I want to cold crash it to clarify it before bottling. I'm planning on reducing the temperature in my fermentation fridge to 4 degrees for a few days. My question...
  13. Y

    Bottle reuse

    I’m back brewing after a long break due to family commitments. I’ve had all my brewing gear stored in the garage. I’ve bought a new brewing bucket as didn’t want to take any chances. My question is will I be ok using my collection of clear 500ml botttles that I’ve been hanging on to. They are...
  14. M

    Using a beer gun bottle filler

    Hi Everyone, Long time lurker, first time poster! So I have just had my second disastrous attempt at using a beer gun bottle filler (the cheap one that is clearly a knock off of the early blichman beer gun) I bought it from the The home brew shop UK but i cant find the link to it on their...
  15. Hatseflats

    Bottling day.

    Today I bottled 23 liters I.P.A. Now the terrible part of the job: cleaning.... :(:(:confused::confused:
  16. F

    Bottle brite

    Greetings fellow **** heads :cheers3: Just a quick one about bottling brite ales. Im brewing from a kit in a primary fermenter, dry hopping, then secondary fermenting in a pressure barrel. If I was to then fine it post ferment, would I lose all pressure and fizz in the process and have to re...
  17. ScousePints

    Bottle Priming

    Hello everybody. My first post so go easy on me. I know this has been spoken about a couple of time since previously, but I couldn't find a direct answer for my situation. My wilkos cerveza will be ready in a few days and I intend to bottle the lot in 500ml brown glass bottles with crown caps...
  18. Terry_R

    First bottling day. Advice please!

    Hi, I'm pretty excited to be bottling my first brew today. I've had my IPA in secondary fermentation for thee weeks, dry hopped for the last 7 days. I chucked the hop pellets in loose. I have a film of floating hop material on the top and looking for tips on syphoning from carboy to bottling...
  19. Terry_R

    Bottle labels

    I'll be bottling my first batch of beer at the weekend into glass bottles and want to add the finishing touch by adding a self-designed label. Any tips on type of label or adhesive to use to make sure I can get the thing off again when I come to re-use the bottle?