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  1. RGeats

    First lager under pressure - advice needed

    Hi all. I have done a couple of fermentations in my snubnose fermenter so far, but each I have fermentation open and then pressurised at the end of fermentation. The next brew I'd like to do is a simple lager, and I'd like to hear from others who have brewed one under pressure. I'm planning...
  2. Ajdpilot

    Beer engine with corny setup questions

    Hi Brewers, So I've just bought myself a nice new beer engine and was wondering about peoples experiences. My goal (as probably with most of us) is to mimic that perfect pub pulled pint as closely as possible but trying to prolong life for normal home drinking rather than the high turnover of...
  3. Hazelwood Brewery

    Pressure Barrels - More than you wanted to know!

    Introduction I use quite a few bottom-tap King Keg pressure barrels and I have very few problems with them. From discussions on the forum though it’s clear that many people do struggle with pressure barrels so I thought I might put together a few thoughts you might find useful. Although I...
  4. JohnnyPitralon

    King Keg - total loss

    Here is something to laugh about for the week ahead: Instead of being able to report proudly about my very first batch of homemade cider in the next few days, I discovered today that it has found a final resting place under the floorboards in the kitchen aheadbutt:tinhat:. I am using a King...
  5. A

    PSI levels in King Keg

    Hey guys, I finally feel I've got my King Keg as airtight as can be. I have fitted a pressure gauge and it isn't showing any leaks, so feel very pleased. I barrelled a NEIPA yesterday, primed it and injected a CO2 bulb too just because I know this beer type needs a little extra love. My...
  6. Richard Hanson

    psi for closed transfer of beer

    Hi all, I recently upgraded my equipment, so have a Fermzilla and a Corny Keg for the first time. I'm getting a 50/50 gas cylinder ( I brew a range of beer types). So a couple of questions I'm afraid. My first brew will be a porter and I want to try to pressure ferment and then do a closed...
  7. Richard Hanson

    First conical pressure fermenter

    I've been home brewing simply for years . By that I mean traditional from grain, fermentation buckets and bottling after priming. Recently, I have taken the plunge on a Fermzilla with pressure kit. I'm looking to ferment and serve, so using the kit as an all-in-one. I've a couple of scatter...
  8. P

    Advice/reassurance needed

    I’ve been a bit of a plonker. I grabbed a top tap king keg of freecycle and was ever so pleased with myself until just now when I’ve racked my x-mas beer into it to find that the tap is leaking. It’s a twisty tap and turns out the rubber/plastic inside the nozzle is to pieces (not a...
  9. Soyyojuli

    Anybody tried Fermenting wine under pressure?

    Hi. I have been toying with the idea of making wine under pressure in my fermentsaurus. Why? You ask. Well because I've had great result on making beer this way, and the extra heat speeds up the process. The pressure allows me to ferment at higher temps without the biproducts from the yeast...
  10. Dode

    A lot of CO2 bulbs

    Hi all, At the moment I'm using a few more CO2 bulbs than expected and it's a bit of a pain to keep pressure on the keg. One or two of my neighbours have suggested putting a car tyre valve on the keg and pumping it up with a car tyre pump. What do folk think about that? Is it feasible?
  11. Matt Edwards

    Pressure keg - when is too much, well too much?

    I've currently got a Whit Beer in a pressure keg. Followed all the instruction of the kit (it's a pretty decent high-end extract kit). It's about 10 days into the secondary fermentation with brewers sugar and I've had a few cheeky tastes and all is good. What I have noticed is that the pressure...