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Equipment For Sale All my brewing stuff. 50Lsystem and 40L BIAB plus kegs

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Sep 14, 2020
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The fire sale continues! I move out on the 21st October.

I have my first 50L brewing set up for sale. I stopped using it 2 years ago when I moved into a flat and lost my brew shed and has been in storage since then. It consists of 2 large stock pots 50l which have been converted with 2x 3kw elements. Which if you use both elements at the same time would probably need to be on a separate circuit to be safe. They are in an ok condition and are too good to be thrown away or turned into plant pots (which will happen if they don’t sell!) however they do require a bit of work to be used again such as fitting the taps and grain filter.I also should state that they are second hand to me and I think the previous owner used some form of bleach on them and a tiny pinhole formed on the bottom ( which I plugged up with an old fitting. As ever finding the time to make a proper repair never materialised!) 2 taps are included but they’re not stainless. As I canabised them for something else. I haven’t found the powerleads for the elements but if I do I’ll include them. So to reflect this I’m asking for £20 each.

Next for sale is my 70L insulated mash tun (which will include a 30cm bazooka screen) which just requires a SS tap and connector to be good to go. £50

3x average condition ball lock kegs - £75 for the 3. Decent kegs that hold pressure that have been well used which I have 2 o ring kits that will go with them.

Pump (rated to be food safe at boiling temperatures) and home made counterflow chiller. I’ve also got the high temp platinum hoses that go with it. They are the type that get super soft when hot and are a bit of a pain to use! But you can still rig something up with them.
I think I used 10m of copper coil to make the counterflow chiller and it’s an absolute beast.

Pump £75

Counterflow chiller £50

Bottle capper

Bottle washer

Bottle tree - £30 for all 3.

New stuff

40L sparge grainfather conversion by malt miller with 30cm bazooka screen and stainless tap and stainless immersion chiller £100. Few scratches etc but still a good piece of kit. Can make upto 32L of beer.
I’ve got a couple of tubs of Chen San cleaner (5kg and a 2.5kg)hardly used and a bottle of unopened star San plus loads of bits and pieces such as buckets which people can have for free if they buy any of the other items.

Other things I have are

2 x fridges that I use to ferment/ store kegs. One can hold 2x 30L buckets or 6 kegs and the other fits 2kegs or 1x 30L bucket.

Ink bird and 40w tube heater £20

2x Nuka taps

2x Party taps

2x 8L plastic kegs £20 for both

1x regulator £30 I dropped it and the gas left display has bent. You can still use the one that matters though.

3x brand new kegs which were £75 each. All 3 are full of beer at the minute and I’d like to drink it! So if you’re willing to wait a month you can have them for £50 each.
All the stuff is located in Birmingham b73 or b36. If you need any help with delivery we can sort something out.

Any questions just ask.


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Forgot to mention I have 5ish packets of yeast, some specialty grains and water chemicals. Which you can have. As well as anything I’ve not listed like the solar pump/copper chiller.


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Do you still have the corny kegs left?
Looking to get into using cornies (one to begin with) in place of a pressure barrel and I'm only a hop away in Telford...

Yes they are. I’ll PM you.

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