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Have the pressure fermenter vertically higher than receiving keg. Make sure receiving keg at nearly pressure of fermenting vessel.
Liquid to liquid and short pull PRV on receiving keg.
Siphon starts, then connect gas to gas.
System balances and no need to add or purge gas or spund.
If you have your numbers and process right pre starting transfer for pressure and vols you should be transferring clear beer at correct carbonation into keg.
Pulling the PRV to start the flow reduces the pressure in the whole system and often leads to the yeast bubbling up from the bottom of the fermenter during transfer. I find a better way is to put some CO2 pressure into the fermenter (via the gas post) to start the beer flowing. Once the flow starts I connect the gas posts of the keg and the fermenter with a hose. Since I started doing this I have not had any problems with the yeast being disturbed.