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The other option, which I have used once, it to mash on one day and then boil the next. Yes it means that you will have to start the boil from part cooled wort, but may be an idea for next time. 👍🏼
Do you transfer it to an airtight container such as fv with an airlock ?

To be honest though, that was the first attempt. As I said I was feeling a bit off from headaches and aches and pains and made a late call. Will do it earlier next time.

One major change I will be implementing immediately is banning my wife from the garage in brewdays. Last night she arrived out halfway through and took a seat and started discussing new shoes she wanted !!!! 🤣🤦‍♂️
I wish I had found this chat before I did my first BIAB yesterday.

All in all it took quite a few hours and I've learnt more from it.

I had remembered reading about having a combination microwave grill tray so I had that placed over the Peco boiler element in case I needed to put it on during mash. I did put it on for a few mins to get the temperature back up so it protected the grain bag from touching the element.

I took ages for the water to get up to 72c so in future I think I'll give it a boost by filling a few kettles full and adding that in.

I also waited for the boil to get up to 100 before starting the timer and adding the 60min hops. I think this extra time meant I boiled off more wort than I should have. Also its the basic Peco so no temperature regulation - it did get pretty turbulent in there at times so had to stir it a few times and even switch off for a moment or 2 to let it settle back down.

I lifted the bag out by hand and basically let it drip out. I did give a squeeze or 2 to get more wort from the grains but wasn't easy doing this myself. I like the idea of a pulley plus a wider grill for it to rest on or separate bucket to sparge/extract more of the wort / sugars from the bag. Foor for thought for the next one.
What I did find was that there was at least 5L of trub in the bottom. Some of this was above the tap line so when I opened the tap to pour into the FV then some of it went into it. After emptying I had the 5L of trub left. I was unsure whether to just pour it all in or not so Ieft it behind this time. It left with me about 17L in the FV - much less than I had thought I would get. Maybe partly to do with the longer, over vigorous boil off? OG was 1060 but I suppose I could've added some cold water to up the volume and reduce the OG but gives me options for next time.

I assume its fine just to pour it all in to the FV then? Does it matter if I added a Protafloc tablet to the boil? I assumed that was to help clear the wort but does it matter if it all goes into the FV anyway ?

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