Blichmann G1 37.5l ..convert to electric & tap solution for wobbly tap

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Sep 11, 2022
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Altura , Spain
Hello all grain experts,

I have only made kit beers and added some grains but I bought a used insulated 50l mash tun with a false bottom and a tap that needs some alteration and a Blichmann G1 10Gallon (37.5l) Boiler Maker .
I am looking for advice on a few things . I planned to make about 30l batches . Not sure if the gear I bought is as sensible a choice as an all in one modern unit but I believe in trad systems so bought these items as seemed a good idea for quality ss pieces.

Firstly I paid about Euro125 for the Blichmann G1 - is it worth the money to install element/s to use it with electric (instead of the gas route or indeed buy a an electric boiler and sell G1) and if so how would I do this and what element nowadays is advisable to not eat so much electric to get/keep it boiling ?

The mash tun ( paid about Euro120) has a cheap tap but it has been wrongly installed in that the outer hole is too big and wobbles with not much rigidity and not support against outside wall...the gap on the outside I think could be covered with a washer but you would need to somehow use a nut to close this against the outer wall and from the photos you see this is a smooth barrel exit . There is also rust on a metal collar on the inside attachment drain pipe. There must be another selection of tap / tube pieces with threaded nut options to renew/fix this issue . The lid also has a small drilled through it but forget that for now. What exactly do I need to buy or do here to make the tap and drain better please.

I attach a few photos.

Many thanks,
Tony ...all grain newbie


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I don't know about your boiler conversion, but I think the Mash Tun is correct as it is.
As long as the seal between the tap and the inner vessel is sound.

It's similar to how the tap is mounted on my klarstein.
The outer wall is normally thin & just covers any insulation.
I suspect if you tried to tighten another washer against the outer skin it would just distort it.
It would also visually hide any leaks between the 2 layers that might end up with a sticky mess that you don't even know about.

It allows you to visually check the inner container for leaks and vent any condensation.

It's also easier to replace or disassemble for a deep clean (I haven't needed to yet, but might need doing if it's been in long term storage or your getting consistent bad batches & are eliminating causes)

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