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Nov 6, 2019
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Does anyone have any recommendations on what to use to remove gluten from our brews.
The wife who like to partake in drinking my beer has become gluten intolerant. So I need to find a way to easily remove the gluten from the brew. Thankfully it’s an intolerance rather than an allergy.

Advice will be greatly appreciated.
it’s going to be fun trying to measure out 0.5ml tomorrow.
Never got a syringe, but have a 5ml one.
You could weigh out 0.5g onto a sterile plate etc if you have good scales.

I have used White labs Clarity ferm for several years comes in a commercial strength as well which works out cheaper. Different doses to reduce the gluten and haze issue depending on the gravity and hoppiness of the beer.
Well I used it, and it’s been a success. Wife had a pint out of the barrel when bottling with no negative effects.

Thanks @The-Engineer-That-Brews 👍

I also got some small stainless measuring spoons to make ease of addition easier. I expect an overdose by a little will not have any negative impact.
I've been using a 2ml syringe with no ill effects, I pull it apart and dump it in my bucket of Star San with fermenter bits whilst I cool the wort, then squirt 0.5-1ml in just before I start filling the FV.
Me too … I just suck up a bit of chemsan with it before i use it

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