Hard Ginger Beer Jamaican style.

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Feb 10, 2021
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I found this recipe on the internet and it intrigued me so even though the recipe is a soft version I have added champagne yeast.

3 lb fresh ginger grated
maple syrup to taste or use a sweetener of your choice
3 litres of water
Lime juiced
2 cinnamon sticks
6 Cloves
1 tsp vanilla extract
Champagne yeast (Youngs Sparkling Wine)
1kg Demererra

I have simmered the ingredients for 1 hour. Strained the juice into the FV.
Added 20 litres of water pitched the yeast at 20 degrees.

It’s now bubbling away will update the results here in the next week

og is 1035 at start of the ferment
Sounds pretty good to me. Some yeast nutrient would have been good if you have any but the champagne yeast should be ok. Have you made anything similar before? It will be very dry, you might want to find a way to backsweeten or add some sugar syrup at serving.
First time using this method I’ve done the Morgan’s and Simply ginger beers before not ever attempted this one before it’s bubbling away as we speak the colour was a ginger beer colour I’m expecting a bit of a brown hue in the finish due to the Demerara. I’m expecting it dry that’s the way I like it.

after this is done I’m going to try a basic AG brew
Sounds nice lot of cloves for my taste,Do you plan on carbonating it with an og of 1035 should be easy to do so athumb..
The next time I do a ginger beer I’m going to use the fiery ginger beer recipe off this forum and add that to a kit.

I make ginger beer every couple of months, usually 10L for my smaller keg. Nice and refreshing especially in summer
This recipe was from.a while back, the rhubarb didn't really come out so I changed it to this:

Recipe for 11L:
3L apple juice
100g stem ginger in syrup
100g crystalised stem ginger
400g fresh ginger
600g granulated sugar
Zest and juice of 1 lime
1 heaped tsp of cream of tartar
2 tsp yeast nutrient
Topped up to 11L with campden treated water

I guess it's like a cross between a cider and a ginger ale, it comes out at around 5% and I backsweeten with sugar and sometimes cordial like for example elderflower cordial, (for an extra kick of ginger and lime) Sainsbury's Mexican ginger cordial or rhubarb cordial. This is after using potassium sorbate and campden in a keg
That’s Nice I might try that at some point might be a while though when mines done I’m going to have 40 something bottles to get through mainly via moscow mules I expect.

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