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Sep 6, 2021
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Due to circumstances beyond my control I have not been able to brew for a couple of months so I now find myself in the dire position of being almost out of beer.
I don't pressure ferment or keg I just use pressure barrels or at a push, bottles.
As you can probably guess I need something from grain to glass ASAP.
I normally drink ales/bitters and all I have in stock is half a sack of pale,a few hundred grams of crystal and a selection of English hops. Oh and some muntons and cml ale yeast which I assume are Nottingham.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Well there is deffo a Bitter in there or if really desperate put a kit on Ps I mean a can kit
Pale malt, crystal and English hops are an ideal mix for a traditional pale/bitter/amber ale or an IPA if you have a fair amount of hops.

Pitch at least 2 sachets of yeast (doesn't matter too much about mixing them) and it'll ferment out in 3-5 days if kept warm (room temperature).

Don't worry about waiting for it to clear in the primary - leave it until it's very almost done then rack it into the pressure barrel. It'll probably bring a fair amount of yeast with it, but this'll settle out in the barrel. If it's at the tail end of fermentation, you shouldn't need to add priming sugar as there should still be residual sugars too provide the carbonation. Keep it warm for another couple of days, then stick it in the garage/whether you normally keep it until it's ready to serve.

That's how cask ales used to be brewed in days of yore when beer was served from big wooden barrels. Should be grain to glass in 10-14 days, maybe quicker.
I'd pitch at 24 and then just let it fall to something like 20, although esters are quite complementary to a bitter. The mild I made a few weeks ago would have been drinkable within a week ( esp as dark so no clarity worries).
All sounds good, except that CML Ale isn't Nottingham (CML Midlands). It's a lovely yeast for, well, ale, nevertheless. I much prefer it to Nottingham.

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