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David Woods

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Aug 11, 2019
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East Sussex
Just started kegging and received my first CO2 bottle - a 3.15 kg size.

On connecting it it is reading 48bar and is in the light red section of the regulator gauge.

Wondering if I have been given a low filled bottle or is it normal to read like this. Wanting to know when to re-order, assumed the regulator would show this.

Any help from you experts would be great.
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Unlikely to be a problem. The reading on the bottle gauge will remain at the same place until the bottlw is almost empty(in so much as the liquid CO2 has gone and all the remains is gas), then it'll drop.

When I take delivery of a new bottle, I have a pair of luggage scales to hand. The bottle should have stamped upon it the tare weight, so weight the bottle, subtract tare weight and what remains is the co2.
At room temperature my regulator shows a bit over 50 bar for a new CO2 cylinder at room temperature (20C ish).

If the cylinder has just come in and the weather is cold it can read below that and close to the top of the pale red bit. If it's warm and the sun is shining it will read quite a bit higher.

The pressure will stay the same until the cylinder is nearly empty, at which point it drops fairly quickly.

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