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Equipment For Sale Homebrewing Set up for sale, kit to 3 Vessel AG

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Jul 8, 2013
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Hi, I haven't brewed a while so it's time to pass on all my collected gear, the photos give an idea as to what there is, but here is a list of the main items I guess,

Collection from Reading please, crates in the photos also available. If someone does want it all please make me an offer, doesn't have to be a hugely high one, just need the space back :cool:

Everything you need to brew anything from a kit to three vessel all grain brewing.
Includes all electric home built all grain set up, stove top electric BIAB, fermenters, pressure barrels, bottling equipment, many many accessories, inkbird temperature control equipment.
All could do with a clean after being in storage.
Any questions just ask.
This is what I can see as current retail prices, make me an offer on bits or enquire for a conversation around cost, unless daft I'm sure there is a bargain to be had.
No Chill Cube - £10.00
Immersion Chiller - £50.00 - Plus Some Hose Pipe
Peco Boiler - £47.50 - 30L, Ball Valve, Bazooka Filter
Peco Tub Mash Tun - £20.00 - 30L, Ball Valve, Bazooka Filter
Peco HLT - £47.50 - 30L, Plastic Tap
Cool Brewing FV Bag - £70.00
Fermenting Buckets - £15.00 - 3x23L
Magnetic Stirrer - £5.00 - Home Made
STC-1000 Temp Controller - £5.00 - Home Made
Inkbird Temperature Controller ITC-306 - £30.00 - 2x Available
Plastic Pressure Barrels - £42.00 - 2xS30 Valves
Heat Belt - £5.00
Bottle Drainer - £20.00 - 90 Bottle
Bottle Capper - £30.00 - Counter Top
Bottle Capper - £10.00 - Hand Held
Glass Demijohns - £10.00 - 2 Available
False Bottom - £10.00 - Mesh
False Bottom - £30.00 - Domed Stainless Higher Quality 12"
Stainless Electric Brew Kettle - £30.00 - Small Brew BIAB vessel
Stainless Stove Top Pan - £10.00 - Unknown size
BIAB Bags - £10.00 - 2 Available
Jug 5L
Large Hydrometer & Testing Tube
Star San Old Stock
Funnel 18CM
Testing tube
Wine Theif
Auto Syphon
Stirrers Paddle & Spoon
Hop Bags 3x
Oxi Sanitiser
Glass Thermometer
Standard Hydrometer 2x
Bottle Caps
Bottle Filling Wands
Air Locks
Bits, tubing etc
Various Tap Plumbing Parts