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Oct 23, 2013
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And this is why, I don't make beer with a hose pipe.


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I don't use a hose to fill anything but my hose and immersion chiller set up always has slugs inside it from the shed even though its hung on the wall. They can smell the water inside it...and I'm sure they like being cooked on the way to the drain.
I also use a length of the blue food grade pipe to top up my fermenter. I run a bit of hot water through it first though.
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Wait until you hear what grows, crawls all over, barley and hops.

'People have been brewing for thousands of years...blah...blah...blah..' 😉
Yeah just like those mites and bugs that crawl all over you when you are asleep and look like monster from a horror movie under the microscope


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It’s. Otnideal of course but the only practice solution some people have. My hose has hose lock fittings so no chance of any slugs or creepy crawlies getting in. I certainly wouldn’t use a hose that was stored open ended. So far I’ve had no debris come out with the water but my hose pipe is probably well overdue for a change. Keep meaning to plumb a tap into my garage not never seem to get around to it. Thought in recent brews I’ve been using RO water from Spotless so running the gauntlet with their hoses.
I use a pond pump for all sorts on jobs in the brewshed. One of them is pumping bleach through water hoses. Seems to work well.
Ah the joys of having an outdoor/shed brewery.

I've had to start rinsing out my valentine arm before use as the slugs, snails and spiders like to crawl inside that... yuk!

The blue potable water hoses I use for both filling my hlt and chilling have the 'aquastop' fittings on the end that block the hose when it's not attached to something. I also drain them out as best I can before storing. I've never had any crud come out of them (or maybe they just prefer the valentine arm).