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Oct 5, 2016
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Cambridge, UK
Muntons Premium Kölsch Beer Kit stands out with two cans of sustainable British malt extract, produced from the finest two-row barley.

This limited-edition Kölsch style beer is a rich and distinctive brew that embodies the traditional excellence of Cologne's historic beer halls, brought directly to your home.

The Muntons Flagship limited-edition Kölsch Beer Kit provides all the essentials to craft 40 pints of the esteemed German-style beer, featuring a true-to-style 4.8% ABV upon brewing.

It represents a tribute to tradition, offering a flavour that's as authentic as possible.

Containing 3kg of sustainable British malt extract, 60g of premium hop pellets – 30g each of Saaz and Hallertau varieties known for their woody, herbal notes, and 11.5g Fermentis K97 yeast, this kit invites you to tap into centuries of German brewing culture, producing a beer that stays true to the Kölsch

Kolsch Beer Kit Weight: 3kg
Kolsch Beer Kit Makes: 23 L / 40 pints
Kolsch Beer Kit Approx. ABV: 4.8%


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