non fridged stout maturation on Nitro - can it be done

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Jul 28, 2008
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South Ayrshire
I have a "FrankenStout" fermenting on a bubler . It should be ready for kegging in the next couple of weeks.

It will then be closed transfer into a Co2 filled keg where it will sit unmolested for 4-6 weeks
however I dont yet have a fridge free to cold crash

So Im wondering should the stout be ok to sit sealed in a keg @35psi of 30/70 at ambient temp for a few weeks to mature while sort out my fridge to be able to crash it to 2C @35psi 30/70
"It will explode and take out everything within a 5 mile radius you need to buy a new fridge now to avoid the end of the world."

Just an idea to get it past the other half 😁
like your tactical thinking... I have a herd of fridges , I just need to find a place to set em up .. my unused Greenhouse is this weeks target location.. just needs clearing out, cleaning and reconnecting the lecky supply. but thats after I finish the loft conversion and decorating the house
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Your responses got me thinking (dangerous)

Lets say I get my fridge sorted and manage to get the keg 35psi @2C for a week or so ... but I need space in the conditioning fridge for something else but I cant put the beer in the kegerator just yet

Will it be detremental to take it out teh conditioning fridge and let the keg temp rise to ambient, store it at ambient until till its ready to go in teh keggerator where it will cool back to 3C for serving@35psi.

I cant see why I couldnt as Brewery kegged nitro brews undergoe this sort of process before it goes on tap?

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