Oil for the neck, from TMM

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Jul 30, 2023
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Brewed this the other week, and its now fermented out, pretty much bang on where I expected it to be. Yeild was a little down, but I think this isdue to my inexperience of the BrewZilla 4 temperature and mash levels.

First time using the protoflac too, and was amazed at the slightly alien looking fronds left at the bottom of the fermenter. Beer now looks very clear, pending the dry hop and tastes quite ok. Time will hopefully only improve this.

Anyone had any experience with this kit?
I bought this a few weeks ago and have the ingredients split between my grain box, fridge and freezer and I'm just trying to find a free day to brew it. Really looking forward to it so I'll be interested to hear how yours turns out @Ross1974
So I've tried this about 6 weeks ago, and it didnt sit right. Thought I would have another tr of it after " dryish January" and its pleasently surprising. Very hoppy, as neck oil is, i suppose. But its definitely conditioned well.

Quite pleased with myself to be honest and very grateful for all of the advice on here.

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