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These are the ones I remember most from growing up and drinking on the street/field/garage/house party
Here you go Chippy a bit of history for you
Manchester City Football Club, the brewer part-owning the Hyde Road stadium. Hyde Road's first seating area was paid for in part by Chesters in 1888, who funded 1,000 seats in return for being the sole distributor of alcohol in the stadium (sounds like a good idea; maybe one of Manchester's fine breweries fancy supplying us with decent ale at City, instead of the undrinkable John Smiths Smooth, Fosters and Singha?). Such was the close link between club and brewers, A.F.C. Ardwick (later to become MCFC) were nicknamed 'The Brewerymen'. The Crown & Cushion at the top end of Corporation Street was a Chesters house, and the brewery paid for its rebuild in the late Victorian period. Other old Chesters houses in town still remaining include The City, Oxnoble, Crown & Anchor and the Sir Ralph Abercromby.
Talk of Chesters reminded me of Wilson’s bitter, but is that only because I’m from Manchester?
I worked in a pub in Manchester, The Salisbury Ale House, we sold Websters, Webster Choice or Wilsons. The Wilsons was like cat pee!! Only 1 or 2 people drank it.
We also sold crates of Holsten Pils at £1.09 a bottle (1988-89)