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Scrap or keep?

  • Scrap.

  • Keep.

  • Fix it.

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Well being a Scottish football fan I voted fix it.
Goal line technology and offside gridlines as they are definitive facts and should be utilised far quicker than currently implemented.
Not a VAR issue but the time taken to raise an offside flag is ridiculous when play continues players still give their all risking injuries etc.

My issue is not the technology but patchy decisions made by officials, up here the VAR decions are reviewed by a panel every quarter the results have been shocking.

I also agree the slow motion and still images are ruining the game and making it very difficult for refs, all for watching multiple angles but in real time only to make a balanced decision and take the wider view.

Also VAR should be available for ALL rule breaches the current system that you can't look at certain things is a nonsense if the car ref seeing anything missed by the match ref or seeing anything to influence the decision they should be free to raise the point.

VAR as a technology is a sound concept just needs refined and applied correctly
Also VAR should be available for ALL rule breaches
Definitely especially shirt pulling and shoving in the box how many times do you see that when corners and free kicks are taken, if all refs started to do this on day one it would soon stop.
Not in favour of teams making appeals, rather it was the VAR referee picking up things the match ref has missed or not has a good enough view of
I would rather just scrap it then. I remember jumping around hugging strangers in the Swan at Newby Bridge when Aguero scored "that goal". Nowadays you don't know if you celebrate or wait.
I think they should give them 12 months to fix the problems that keep coming up when the subject is discussed then vote again, if it's still a mess scrap it.
Voted fix it, but easily say scrap it. This year in championship has been frustrating with some very poor decisions, even the ones in our favour, but also refreshing. At least you know what's happening in real time.

Big fixes? My vote goes for
1. time limit on review. As others have said 30s should be enough time if it's 'clear and obvious', 45s at the most.

2. Agree with obvious offsides should be flagged. I get the idea of not doing it, but only time before a serious injury or incident caused by this 'wait until' rule. Maybe have a 5th official watching live stream at the ground to help out (what could possibly go wrong? 🫣)

3. Offsides should be clear offside; let's make it daylight between the offending body part and only it you can score with it (so no hands / arms). The stupid 5mm / toenail decisions make a mockery of the offside rule, the correction for camera angle always looks dodgy. Think about 20 years ago there was a decision to make offside favour the attacking side, so clear daylight would sort of re-establish this intention.

Remember in my youth the standard joke was 'if a women says she likes football, get her to explain the offside rule!' Not sure anyone can honestly explain the offside rule (Which part of the body? Did he make an attempt to play the ball? Which phase of play? Is there a full moon?)

4. Stadium commentary to let crowd know what the question is and how the decision is being reached. Similar to rugby and cricket.

5. Think the idea of it being available for 2 or 3 challenges per team. Make it 2 and a bit like cricket, if it's upheld you get your challenge back.

6. Let them get involved in 2nd yellow card incidents. They can intervene in red cards so why not 2nd yellows?
Thing is once they let AI loose on something like this the decisions could be pretty much instantaneous and infallible. Could one day almost negate the need for match officials, excepting breaking up "arguments" 🙄

Someone mentioned cricket, this sport has adopted pretty much everything that can confirm or improve umpiring decisions, snick-o-meter, hawk-eye, and so on but due to the slower nature of the game it doesn't spoil it.

VAR on the other hand does sometimes interrupt the flow of football too much.

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