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Jan 12, 2021
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Hi all and welcome to my first post, apologies its so long
I'm fairly new to this but have made a couple of Youngs 7 day kits which where far to sweet for me and more like a Rose. There was also a few errors in taking SG readings etc. I moved up to an On the house product which has turned out a lot better than the previous kits (Perhaps less errors as well as a better kit). I have now bought a wine expert stags leap 8 week kit, the first two weeks have gone well and the correct SG of 0.996 has been reached, today I have syphoned off and degassed and tomorrow will carry out clearing. The instructions recommend 24 days with the oak cubes in then syphon off, 2 day settle, then bottle, does this sound generally all right or should I potentially leave this stage for longer? Any other advice would be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance


Sep 13, 2019
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Well I can tell you this much,
You ARE doing it right. athumb..

Welcome to the forum.

There are folks on this forum who make a lot of kits,The consensus seems to be white/rose kits can be better than supermarket wine,Reds are more tricky.
Both are cheaper than buying bottled wine.
Check out the threads here where members revue the kits as they come on the market.
Good luck.

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