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Do you have a meter?

  • Yes and our bills are much lower

  • Yes and our bills are slightly lower.

  • Yes and we have not noticed any saving.

  • No but i would like one.

  • No i have no interest.

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I think some of us are referring to different things. I wouldn't bother with the plug in things in your house. Nit needed for my usage. I am referring to the actual meter, I have had a smart meter for years and even had a discount with one company but after all these years only Shell ever got it connected and now I don't need to submit a reading and my usage gets updated daily.
The unit price is capped and not fixed so they could easier create a tariff with a flexible rate.
Mines stopped working again lol
Tigertim is quite correct,Though it mainly applies to "inductive loads" power company's used to hate this.As the system could be overloaded.

Resistive heating has a PF (Power Factor of one,ie ( the best you can get.)). This includes storage heaters and electric fires.

But nowadays its become BLOODY EXPENSIVE. !!!!!!!.
IN this regard I should also mention "Heat pumps", An apparently "Over unity" device.

They do their best work when the outside temperature is sweltering (Just when you don't need any more heat).

As it gets colder they come closer and closer to unity. ie electric fires !!!
Yes it will work for at least the time being allotment fox.
Five years plus is the data expected lifetime of the lithium back-up batteries.
Up here in Scotland the ground is often frozen solid for weeks at a time.

Please don't get me wrong,I am not a green energy denier.
When I was young I could stand just about anything.

But not anymore these days I really feel the cold.
IN this regard I should also mention "Heat pumps", An apparently "Over unity" device.
They do their best work when the outside temperature is sweltering (Just when you don't need any more heat).
As it gets colder they come closer and closer to unity. ie electric fires !!!
I don't have a lot of experience regarding heat pumps but we bought a small one a couple of years back to heat a 10ft diameter above ground pool that we have up in the summer for the kids. All the above is true regarding this one. On a hot day it has no problem getting the water up to the desired 27°C but come September it struggles to get the water above 20°C. It's supposed to work at air temperatures of greater than 10°C and provide 3.75kW of heating power from a 560W electrical input but I think that varies a lot depending on the ambient temperature. I could probably do more to help it by somehow insulating the pool but it's lacklustre.

On the basis of that I'm not going to be rushing to replace my gas powered boiler anytime soon. 🙂
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Heat pumps work most efficiently for things like underfloor heating where the temperature water they produce is around 30 celsius.
High temperature water production needed to small radiators is not there forte, along with the cost of changing the heat pump you may / will need to fit bigger radiators that can run at a lower temperature.
But it's all a bit of a waste if you haven't insulated to the max. Otherwise it's energy and heat in then straight out the window, floor, roof and walls.
I’m on Standard Tarif, and the prices are based on today’s recent costs.

I’ve got a second generation smart meter, and Scottish Power is my provider.

There App produces the following data.

The graph runs from midnight to midnight for any given day in half hour averages. The Y axis is in £.

This is a given 24 hour period when I aren’t at home.

My house has the following constantly in use over that period.

Fridge Freezer,
2nd Freezer large upright.
UV disinfection lamp on water supply,
Underfloor heating pump.
Oil boiler ignition,
Pump in Solar hot water system during daylight hours.
Probably TV on standby,
Vampire phone charger.

I don’t think turning the TV off completely, and the phone charger will make that much impact.

The total items above cost about 5p/hour.

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I’ll turn the tele and phone charger off for £100, and take back what I said in Post 135
From the outset of these battery cars I’ve asked the question ‘where will the extra electric come from’.

Almost every year it comes on the news, we might not have enough electric for the winter, power cuts etc, long before the war that is cause of everything.

So now we have people plugging cars in being paid to do it overnight.

Where do we think that extra money is coming from?

Another well thought out strategy.
Customers could get £100 for cutting energy use Customers could get £100 for cutting energy use

I’m interested to see how the conspiracy theorists will see this as a negative.

I could win the lottery next week, but I won't.

And this made me chuckle..."The cash incentive is to persuade people to wait until later on to run their washing machine, tumble dryer, or dishwasher, and to not charge their electric car if demand is already high."

Yesterday's conspiracy theories become today's reality.

It's all about control, and smart meters allow TPTB to exert control.

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