Trashy'ish Blonde

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    Trashy'ish Blonde from the DIY DOG recipies,but altered somewhat.
    Turned out a cracking beer,one to brew again in a larger amount and one that went down well with others who tried it. Nice blonde colour,good head and nice hoppy taste, but not in ya face .Used the spray malt as i had it to use up and just cut back the pale a tad.
    5 litre batch,60 min boil. 5 litre mash,2.75 litre dunk sparge

    42 grms spray malt(amber) start of boil

    688 grms Pale malt
    50 grms Caramalt
    100 Grms Munich (light)
    20 grms Wheat malt
    1/4 protofloc tablet 15 min
    3 grm Amarillo pellets 60 min
    3 grm Challenger "" 60 min
    6 grm Amarillo "" f/out
    4 grm Motueka "" f/out
    4 grm Amarillo "" dry hop 5 days
    4 grm Motueka "" dry hop 5 days
    1/2 pack crossmyloof US pale re hydrated
    OG 1040 FG1007 IBU 31.61 SRM 5.30

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