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  1. B

    How Much Grain?!?!

    Hey fellow Beeros 2022 is the year I come up with my own perfect recipe! Hoping to have a brew perfected for my wedding in July (we will see) Have been brewing for a year, mainly BIAB all grain, with limited equipment, but some pretty decent results. Now I'm moving into my own recipes rather...
  2. Fritzpoll85

    What Malt Mill?

    I've been thinking I need a malt mill to try and get better efficiency in my wheat beers. But I'm a bit flummoxed about what is good or not. For example, there's this one: But I don't know who makes it, and if it will last a while. I fancied one...
  3. I

    Brewing with Malt extract (and grain)

    HI, Fairly new to brewing beer and only started a few months ago. Overall had success on my first 2 brews although my first batch was not properly capped so ended up super flat but still tasty! I've only been doing grain brews so far but interested in combining a grain brew with some malt...
  4. BottlesCansCraft

    Crushing Grain Without a Mill

    Hi All, A recent order with maltmiller for fine crushed maris otter resulted in a delivery of uncrushed maris otter. I don't have a mill, or know anyone that does, and checked with my local brewshop and they don't either (found it strange they bought it in crushed, but hey). Any suggestions on...
  5. KegThat

    Homebrew Supplies - Yeast, Hops and Grain!

    Hi Everyone! I am Ben from and I would like to share my new homebrew supply store with you. We currently offer fully custom made to order wort chillers, Cornelius Kegs and taps. We offer a very competitive price on the Home brew sanitiser ChemSan. As of Monday, we will have...
  6. nicowk

    2.5 Year old grain and hops..

    So a house renovation and setting up a business and i've gone about two an a half years without brewing. Got all my equipment out of the cellar to clean and i've got several packs of unopened hops, and unopened bags of uncrushed grain. What do we reckon, 2 and half years later are they still...
  7. J

    First all grain brew

    Howdy all! I've been home brewing cider and and extract beers for a couple years now, but recently obtained a grainfather all-in-one system. This will be my first all grain experience, so i was wondering if you guys and gals had any tips for brewing, fermentation, bottling, etc.?
  8. alsch890

    Crystal 60 vs Caramunich III

    Hi there, This might be a stupid question so I am braced for that. All my malt substitute charts list Caramunich III as the closest Weyermann substitute for Crystal 60L. However if I check with my supplier ( they...
  9. Miko

    Black Malt Overkill

    While ordering a custom grain kit I made the mistake of putting in 2 pounds of black malt instead of 2 ounces. I did not really look closely when I opened the grain bag and just added this grain mix to the mash... What an interesting colour of this brown ale I'm making... Anyway, I was too...
  10. trevorS

    Dust in crushed grain stuck sparge.

    I have just completed my 4th all grain brew all 20 l finished, the first went fine, a little short on volume but no problem ( beginners luck) ,but the second third and fourth I ended with a stuck sparge the first three were with a copper manifold with saw cuts ( which I might widen ) and the...
  11. TomR

    Grain storage

    Hi my local home brew shop is a bit of a distance so I was thinking of buying larger quantities of grain and hops. Just wondering how long grain can be stored for and what are the optimum conditions for storage? Thanks
  12. P

    Bread Machine Recipes for spent grain?

    Hello All, (I hope this is the right place.... mods, feel free to move if not the right place!) I'm currently brewing an Irish Red Beer (Smells really good at the moment!) I have a lot of spent grain left over and I don't like wasting it... has anyone got any recipes that use a bread machine...
  13. S

    Hi! Here's my first recipe!

    Hi, I'm 21, new to brewing, and have just finished my first brew! As an introduction, I would like to share with you all my recipe: Lemon Drop - All Grain IPA Grains 4.5kg Best Pale Malt 0.5kg Caramel Malt Hops 100g Magnum Pellets AA 10.5% 100g Lemon Drop Pellets AA 5.2% 90 Min Boil Hop...