16.58% ABV Barrel Aged Imperial Stout - Cromarty Brewing Co. Anniversary XI clone recipe

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James Morton 'Brew' - forgot to add picture.
I think it's a great book. I found it much more engaging and relatable to my brewing style to many other books, and importantly, the quality of the recipes are very good. I wouldn't buy it if you're wanting a huge quantity of recipes though.
Some good stuff in the book, kind of an advanced introduction to brewing, and quite readable. But not an advanced reference, as many topics aren't covered in sufficient depth.

I counted around 43 recipes (flicking through), none tried, so can't comment yet.
The layout, with various sections, on equipment; methods and charts, dotted among the recipe pages, just seems a muddle.

I hate all the space wasted with useless arty pictures, your mostly left guessing what the all the beers shown are. While pictures that could have been usefull, aren't because they're to small or incomplete (beer colour chart, malt colour chart).

The two page section divider spreads, including a burger and an unnamed beer; fish&chips with an unnamed beer; two of the kitchen sink; ...; are each followed by a mostly wasted page - another picture or part filled page of text in a huge bold font to take up space, and hurting the eyes while saying little.

Not the best use of bookshelf space!
I was at the brewery last week and picked up a bottle - cromaty wise. Not sure if i should drink it or just look at it. Anyone cloned it yet. Took 9 hours to drive there so wont be going back soonish.
I'd suggest consumption as a festive drink.

Cromarty website shows price £13, Jet Garage, just across road from me, £11.99
Now looking at four bottles. 2 will be presents (as a change from wine); 1 to drink at Christmas; and one stored, to compare with the clone when it's eventually ready.

I spotted something about the wax cap covers, perhaps among the brewdog recipes, saying these are used to prevent oxidation of beers that can be bottle stored for long periods. So I guess that's implying, oxygen can permeate a normal metal cap!

Despite chasing them, I never got any help with a recipe from Cromarty. And having read online reviews from visitors, I'm not really surprised.

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