BIGGEST Balls up to date!, what’s your biggest fail?

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Nov 3, 2017
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Carnforth, sleepy old town in the northwest
So I haven’t brewed since December last year since I’ve been busy fixing up my daughter’s bedroom (big job zero spare time) so naturally I was very excited about my brewday today.
I did an over night mash for a Belgian golden strong and got up at 5am to start recirc, first runnings and sparge. It was cold in the house so whilst the wort was draining off into the boiler I went to make up a fire before the family got up ready for school.
Came back after 10 minutes and looked in the mash tun which seemed empty but looking at the boiler I couldn’t understand why the wort wasn’t up past the valve….
Then my eyes were drawn to the kitchen floor in front of the boiler…I’d left the boiler valve open without realising.
Spent the next hour cleaning up the sticky floor and trying my hardest to figure out how much fresh grain to dump on top of the 8.5kg spent(ish) grain that was already in the tun. In the end I went for another 6kg of grain with another 24l water and re mashed for an hour then drained that off into the boiler.
I’m basically running blind though right now plus I’d planned on doing another full batch (comet pale ale) straight after the Belgian. Not willing to change my plans so I’m just going for it and trying to turn a major balls up into a good double brew day!
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Mate I feel for you. I have left stuff running "be back in a minute" thought quickly turns to "Aaaarg".

If however it was a cunning ploy to get planning permission for a brew shed 🤔🤔 well done, your secret is safe here. 😁
I’ve done the same but spotted it earlier thankfully.
My latest episode which left SWMBO with hands on hips and foot tapping, you know the look, was an amazing gusher!
Was a stout bottle which I knew had lots of trub in the bottom so decided to open in the kitchen sink. When I cracked it the cap didn’t come fully off and beer was spraying all over so I gave it another go and if flew off.
The resulting solid jet of dark beer shot straight up to the ceiling and then bounced off to shower the whole kitchen.😳
Bottle was empty in the blink of an eye.
One educational note is that the shepherd neame bottles used must be almost impossible to explode due to over carbonation 😉👍
Been banished to garden to open beer for now ☹️
Ps spent planned Sunday brew day repainting to kitchen ceiling instead!
The day I decided that I always had my pH close enough that I wouldn't bother measuring it, coinciding with it being the same day I got the water from a different outside that was fed from the attic bathroom tanks rather than the well.