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Jan 27, 2024
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Orleans , Nebraska
Hello fellow enthusiasts! Long time brewer (35 yrs ish ) back at it after a long 4 year hiatus .
Recently got a place out of Denver in Nebraska for my some day zombie escape and get -a-way boat and fish and drink escape location lol …..Got all
My wares together and brought them all
Out . Upgraded over the years to all the Cool and larger BS Brew pots and Carboys complete with the gauges and ball valves and a really nice false bottom 10 gallon converted mash tun so feel my equipment is up to snuff . Been experimenting and tweaking all the processes again with average success of 5 gallon all grain batches . Currently have one heading towards high Krausen and two in secondary . Did a fly sparge on the second batch and a split batch sparge on this third one . Been doing tons of reading and wondering this : When most of you are doing batch sparging are you drawing off the original yield (after putting the first few quarts of run - off back in the vessel ) right into the kettle ? Then say 2.5 gallons (approx based on recipe etc) stirring and letting sit or immediately drawing off into the kettle then repeating for final pre-boil of say 6.5 gallons ? If that’s the case what happens to the first (say 3ish gallons of run off if not exposed to the higher temp of sparge water (170 *) ? To stop enzyme activity ? I used to use my brew pot with temp gauge as a mash ton and raise the temp after 60 minutes from around 155 to 170 then run off into a kettle then fly sparge which takes forever . So would love to hear your thoughts and techniques as I’m definitely out of practice !
Cheers ….

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