CO2 Injection Valve replacement

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Old Fat Biker Bloke

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Jul 27, 2012
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Sorry to post on this topic this again but I've spent a lot of time asking & looking into this but still no concrete answer & I WANT TO START BREWING!!! :cheers:

The hole in the top cap of my barrels (Boots & Youngs) look the same; the diameter LOOKS compatible with the valve kits for sale everywhere - surely I can just remove the old valve system and fit new valves to the caps, right???

I reckon they're all pretty standard - an S30 valve should fit - most homebrew shops will stock them - are you close enough to one to take the barrel caps in and see if they will fit ok??
I bought a s30 valve and cap yesterday from my lhbs ,they are interchangable with the pin type valve by just undoing a nut with an adjustable spanner.