Coopers Mexican Cerveza

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Sep 10, 2019
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London UK
First thing I did with this kit was check how much sugar it needed, replaced that with brew enhancer then threw the instructions away.
I mixed the ingredients, in the FV waited for temp to drop to 20c, pitched the yeast then left it alone.
In every kit I have ever tried the instructions are wildly optimistic, ready in 5-7 days, yeah right, of course it is..NOT.
It actually took 11 days before I got no change in the FG, and then I left it for another 3 days

After the 14 days ( TWICE what the kit says it needs) I racked it into 50% Swing top 500ml and 50% Pet 500ml bottles, I used 2 carbonation drops in each bottle, only because I had some that I had been given, I normally use Dextrose sugar, and put them in a cool corner.

That was on the 3rd Oct.

I opened 2 bottles last night (27th Oct) one after the other 1 swing, 1 Pet that I had put in the fridge the day be4ore

The Pet was first as the cap undid there was the shish of escaping gas, but it didn't seem to be a lot and I thought I might have flat beer on my hands, but , no, I was pleasantly surprised it was quite gassy, just right in fact.

So I knocked that one back and got what I call the "bubble burn" on the back of my throat, there is a probably a technical turn for that, but that's what I call it and for me it's the mark of a properly carbonated beer.

After drinking that one I opened the swing top and that opened with that lovely explosive POP, again a well carbonated beer.

I drink straight from the bottle (less washing up to do) but I did poor some from each bottle into a glass, lovely and clear and just the right shade of amber, a good clean crisp cerveza style beer that actually tastes similar to Corona.

Very little sediment in the bottles.;

All in all a nice very drinkable cerveza style beer, I don't so "summer" or "winter" beers, anytime is beer time for me and this is a kit that I like and will happily brew again and again


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Nov 1, 2019
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I did this coopers kit a few times, and to be fair it’s actually a really nice beer. Always come clear and very drinkable after 3 weeks in the bottle.


Nov 20, 2019
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Probably just about time to offer an opinion on this.... Its ok. Very drinkable but mine is a touch sweet, with the fermentation having maybe stopped a bit early I think maybe some sugars left over. It doesnt uave a huge amount about it and the only thing I can really pick out flavour wise is some almost fruity notes which I imagine comes from not being a proper lager yeast at lager temps.....

Nicely carbonated and pours nice and clear, bit head retention is non existent.

I would probably drink it again, but whether I put in the effort and take up my FV with this sort of thing again will depend on how I go with all grain. I like it but I hope I will be able to produce better.