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Oct 5, 2016
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Cambridge, UK

Kit started 17th October 2023.
Added 1kg Dark Rock Pale Ale Beer Kit Enhancer, Pure Brew, and then made up to 23L with Tesco Ashbeck mineral water.
Fermented in brew fridge at 20.5°C.
Kit hops added on 30th October.
Bottled on 1st November, with one sugar stick per 500ml bottle and put into brew fridge at 20.5°C.
Moved out to shed on 15th November.
First pint - Friday 15th December.

I love a Citra beer - Oakham Citra is something I could drink all day and I also love Adnams Ghost Ship, but there are not many extract kits in this style. The best, in my opinion, was Mangrove Jacks Citra IPA, which I brewed last year. As good an extract kit as I have ever done - it was a stunning pint and as soon as I tasted it, I said I'd do it again. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance as Mangrove Jacks discontinued it. I can only hope that they bring it back one day.

I've been really impressed with the Dark Rock Session Series kits and every one I've done has been excellent. With that in mind, I thought I'd try the Dark Rock Citra Pale Ale. It poured beautifully - perfect colour, just the right amount of head and not a hint of twang on the nose. The first taste was everything I'd hoped for - unmistakable hit of citra, followed by a perfect dry bitter finish. Not a hint of twang on the tongue, just a really glorious, crisp, clean pint that I would be delighted to be served in any pub.

I did the MJ kit over a year ago, so comparisons are difficult, but i felt that kit was something special. I would still give this Dark Rock kit 10/10, but it may not have quite the flavour profile of the MJ kit. Very fine margins, though and I wouldn't say a bad word about this Dark Rock kit. It's outstanding and if you're a fan of Citra beers, I'd highly recommend this one. I'll certainly do it again - perfect summer pint!

My go to beer from Tesco is Oakham citra. I love the hoppiness. I've only just started on my journey of brewing my own so I'll see how my American IPA turns out. If it's good then I'll get one of these kits for sure

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