flippin raging I am

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Jul 28, 2008
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South Ayrshire
I hooked up my brand new 8L 30/70 Cylinder to a brand new kegland mix gas regulator and fed it to a single corny two weeks ago @40psi ... tonight the flippin gas bottle is empty... !!!!! i must have a flippin leak..
and its a 140 mile round trip to get a refil.....
flippin raging...

And in the imortal words of Forrest Gump Thats all I have to say bout that!
Check every connection by either immersing it in water (don't immerse regulators in water) or by using a spray of soapy water and look for bubbles forming.

Also why do you need the keg pressured to 40 psi, seems high for any sort of beer, but you would do that for sparkling water.
That is sooo annoying.

But can I say welcome to the latest member of the "turn it off at the bottle" club. 👍🏻👍🏻
🤣🤣🤣 Whats really annoying is I have been reopeatedly giving it a scoot of gas, turning it off for teh last two weeks. for some reason a couple of days ago I left it turned on..

anyhow can you check my rationale here. last night I saw the guage had dropped after I pored a sample pint off, thats how I knew it was out of gas as it didnt repressurise when I turned teh bottle on..

Anyhow having turned the bottle off last night, this morning, the line guage is still sat rock solid at about 35psi where it was last night Im thinking the leak is not between the reg and the keg? but must be on the bottle side of the reg or worse still its the brand new reg!!!!
I leave mine on all the time, but a few years ago I had the dreaded empty bottle 3 days after getting a new bottle. I'm a near 100 mile round trip for more too. It's so ****, but it happens.
its 30/70 nitro, not C02. The charts say 40psi @3C . and frankly it was pouring lovely just like draught Guinness,
Ah, I see, I don't use mixed gas so just assumed the pressures would be similar to just straight CO2. Thanks for the info.
Co2 is lower pressure, else it dissolves into the beer and makes it gassy. Nitro mix does not dissolve so can be turned up, for dispense.
I had a similar problem and invested in a co2 detector (https://amzn.eu/d/d38pfD8).
I put it in the kegerator and turned on the valves between the gas tank and the keg one at a time. In my case it was a hose clamp on the gas manifold.
I'd wondered if there was a CO2 detector you could use to look for leaks but had looked for something more industrial as I'd assumed something might actually exist for pubs and so on to use. Searching always seemed to just come up with the leak detector spray though which is just an expensive soapy water. This looks interesting though.

I did have a slow leak once through a shut off valve I had in my gas lines, turns out it wasn't rated for gas, and whilst I didn't lose a tank straight away it didn't last anywhere near as long as I'd expected. Found that by dunking it in water.
Soapy water is always my goto.
i have in the past checked the Co2 ines with starsan and I gave the 30/70 lines a spray when I first pressurised it and no bubbles at that time.. however over the last couple of days the pressure that was in teh lines has dropped to zero so Im fairly sure my issue is with a join somewhere in the lines.. (Im Happier now I dont think its the regulator)

I have some sugar water fermenting with champagne yeast in a corny to produce some spare co2 so Ill use that to detect the leaks in the lines before I hook it up to a new pubgas..

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