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Jul 27, 2022
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I'm planning on trying a version of Brewdog Elvis Juice and the recipe calls for 10g of grapefruit extract at bottling. When I google it all I'm getting are results for seed extract and I'm sure that isn't it.
Is there a simpler why of doing this with adding something like grapefruit juice concentrate to the bottling bucket and would this need a big adjustment to my priming calculation?
I added some chopped up grapefruit to the fv one day results were great
I used 4 large grapefruit boiled in a pot for a min to sanitise then quartered and dumped in on day 6 in fv very strong flavour came through
I just put it straight into the keg.

But if you’re bottling I’d probably do what you’ve suggested so it gets evenly mixed
Did you use a hop sock? I'll be doing a large enough dry hop so I want to use one for them as well (maybe combine them). Really don't want to be dealing with a huge mess in the fermenter.
Just big chunks

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