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Jun 17, 2020
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Hello all,

A couple of mates and I, who've always been passionate about beer, have taken the lockdown period as a good excuse to give home brewing a try. We've gone straight in at the deep end and pooled resources to get an all grain set-up sorted out, and we're going with kegging (I've already built my kegerator, before the first brew is ready!)

So far I have brewed a couple of beers from the Brew Dog DIY list. The first one was East Coast Crush, which I made a mess of with sparging and missed the OG by miles (under). The result is just super bitter, so I've been doing some research on what the best options are now (best left for another thread).

I learnt my lesson though, and hit target spot on with the 2nd brew, a (much stronger) Chinook IPA. It's been looking great in a carboy for the past week, so I'm hopeful.

Overall, it's been great fun so far, but I can't wait to get something drinkable into those kegs!

Looking forward to getting the benefit of everyone's experience on here. It has already proved very useful.