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I ordered the brew monk Cape for the 45 ltr on clearance for 15 quid on malt miller

As expected its a little tall which won't matter much except for the external pipe from the pump but think a few minutes with a pair of scissors and a few more with with a needle and thread and it will look OK

But should still be perfectly functional
Just bought the jacket for £26.49 free delivery.

If you click on the copper Mundschenk and then go to the bottom of that page you will find the jacket listed as an accessory

Enjoy G
My malt pipe, minus overflow and with the top screen on top of the bottom screen.

IMG_6041.JPG IMG_6044.JPG

33 litres, 5 kg of grain full volume no sparge. Making a cover for boiling with a cover needs 12% minimum opening.

IMG_6042.JPG IMG_6043.JPG
Also ordered thanks for the heads up.
I would imagine it went on sale and no-one wanted a copper one at the same price as Stainless so they were left with an overstock.
Looking at the components I can imagine they are about £40 to £50 at most to produce.
Just blagged the half price jacket too. Got my eyes on an electric plancha for Spain now, spend spend spend
All I need now is for is for this chiller to be reduced by 50% and I will have a complete set up. G


Silly question - but does the copper pipe not tarnish/develop a coating. Will this effect the beer? This is why I am looking at the SS304 chiller as shown on Klarstein's website. G
I made copper one 9 years ago and it’s not turned Green and does not affect the beer. Copper is a better heat conductor than stainless steel and beer was boiled in coppers in breweries years back.

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