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Baz Chaz

Aug 15, 2010
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Brew for this weekend, aim is for low bitterness and gluten free.
Has to be low bitterness for me, throat damaged following radiotherapy, gluten 'free' for wife who is gluten intolerant. So hops have to be watched closely for me and no wheat for OH so Dextrin for head retention. Only been brewing GF for a few months and this is a variation of the last few brews which are getting better each time.

20 litre brew

Grain bill
Golden Promise 3.3 kg
Dextrin 350g
Light crystal 250 g
Caramalt 150g

Hops 1
First Gold 15 g 60 min

End of boil 10 mins
1/4 tab whirlfloc
3g Brewbrite

Hops 2
Citra/Eclipse/Harlequin 10g of each in whirlpool at 80 deg for 30 mins while cooling.

M36 Liberty Bell yeast and .5g NBS clarity into FV @ 20 deg.

OG 1.044
FG 1.013
ABV 4.3%
IBU 17.4
SRM 8.4

Into brewfridge, timings depend on when FG target achieved.
2 weeks in FV at 20 deg
Bottle, then 16 deg for 2 weeks
Into store for 2 weeks

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