Luis Rubiales: Spanish government takes FA chief to tribunal after World Cup final kiss

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Mar 17, 2013
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On the radio last night they said they expected him to resign today it looks like they were wrong.

I didnt see him ask if it was ok to kiss her as he says in the video, should he be sacked?

The Spanish secretary of sport says he "wants this to be Spanish football's MeToo moment" after the government started legal proceedings seeking to suspend football federation president Luis Rubiales for kissing World Cup star Jenni Hermoso on the lips.

Rubiales has refused to resign despite overwhelming pressure after the incident following Spain's Women's World Cup final win over England.
Fifa opened disciplinary proceedings against the 46-year-old former player on Thursday.

The Me Too movement seeks to end violence against women and shot into mainstream consciousness in 2017 after film producer Harvey Weinstein was accused of numerous sexual offences - he was subsequently found guilty and jailed.

"The government starts today the procedure so that Mr Rubiales has to give explanations before the Sport Court and if the Sport Court agrees, I can announce that we will suspend Mr Rubiales from his functions," Victor Francos, secretary of sport and head of the state-run National Sports Council said.

Rubiales kissed the Spain forward during the presentation ceremony in Sydney. She later said on social media "I didn't like it".

He apologised earlier in the week and had been expected to announce his resignation at an extraordinary general assembly called by the federation, but instead vowed to "fight until the end".

On Friday he said sorry for grabbing his crotch while celebrating in the VIP area in Stadium Australia, with Queen Letizia of Spain and her 16-year-old daughter standing nearby.

Spain's acting labour minister Yolanda Diaz said: "What we have seen today in the Federation Assembly is unacceptable. The Government must act and take urgent measures. Impunity for macho actions is over. Rubiales cannot continue in office."

'This is unacceptable' - Spanish football reacts​

Spanish players, clubs and organisations have all spoken out - largely against Rubiales.

Alexia Putellas, a Ballon d'Or winner and another member of the World Cup-winning team team, said: "This is unacceptable. It is over. With you partner Jenni Hermoso."

Another team-mate, Aitana Bonmati, wrote: "There are limits that cannot be crossed and we cannot tolerate this. We are with you partner."

Real Betis striker Borja Iglesias, who has won two caps for the Spain men's team, said: "As a footballer and as a person I do not feel represented by what happened today...

"I have made the decision not to return to the national team until things change and these types of acts do not go unpunished."

Several Spanish football clubs, including Barcelona, Sevilla, Espanyol and Racing Santander, have also released statements critical of Rubiales.

Hermoso played for Barcelona from 2013 to 2017 and from 2019 until last year when she joined Mexican side Pachuca.

A club statement read: "FC Barcelona wishes to make clear that it considers totally improper and inappropriate the RFEF president's behaviour during the celebrations for the World Cup victory achieved by the Spanish women's team. The incident we consider to be deplorable."
I'd like to hear from the lady concerned IF is it wasn't consensual then throw the book at him.

Maybe they do know each other well. It's not a good look from the clip I saw. just like the eurovision awkward at the end of the performance.....

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The new Michael Jackson - ashock1

Criticism from the Spanish government and the soccer world rained down Monday on Luis Rubiales for his inappropriate conduct while revelling in Spain’s 1-0 win over England in Sunday's final in Sydney, Australia.

By grabbing his crotch in a victory gesture — seemingly oblivious to 16-year-old Princess Infanta Sofía standing nearby — and then kissing Spain player Jenni Hermoso on the lips during the medal and trophy ceremony on the field, Rubiales’s behaviour marred the biggest day for women’s soccer.

The kiss was “deeply lamentable,” world players' union FIFPRO said. The 45-year-old Rubiales led the union's Spanish affiliate for eight years before being elected to lead the national soccer federation in 2018.

In Spain, acting minister for sports and culture Miquel Iceta told public broadcaster RNE “it is unacceptable to kiss a player on the lips to congratulate her.”

A stronger reaction came from Spanish government equality minister Irene Montero.

“It is a form of sexual violence that women suffer on a daily basis, and which has been invisible so far, and which we should not normalize,” Montero said wrote Sunday on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.
Yup he needs to go but it too self-centered to think he's done anything untoward.

This springs to mind for some reason - he'd have nothing to grab!

So the Spanish FA have thrown her under the bus -

"Spanish FA will take legal action over Jenni Hermoso lies"

Well, if it was consensual as he says, it was all on camera so it shouldn’t be too difficult to see the moment he clarified it was ok to kiss her like that.
Funny how that’s never been shown!
Could it be because that didn’t happen and her version is the truth?

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It says she said she did not enjoy that -

She said it was fine at first and it was just a happy moment. I hope she's not being pressured to speak out like this. That's worse than what this guy did. Cultures are different in other countries. I get sick of being kissed when I visit my wife's family in Romania 😂

This was on TalkSport the day after.
In comments given to AFP by the Spanish FA regarding the podium kiss, Hermoso is quoted saying: “It was a totally spontaneous mutual gesture because of the immense joy that winning a World Cup brings.
“The president and I have a great relationship, his behaviour with all of us has been outstanding and it was a natural gesture of affection and gratitude.”
In comments given to AFP by the Spanish FA regarding the podium kiss, Hermoso is quoted saying: “It was a totally spontaneous mutual gesture because of the immense joy that winning a World Cup brings.
“The president and I have a great relationship, his behaviour with all of us has been outstanding and it was a natural gesture of affection and gratitude.”

In another report it says he asked if it was OK, there is no way in that short period of time he had time to ask.

I believe he also said she lifted him off the floor which you can clearly see she didn't -

What a self centered turnip. He's tainted spain's great achievment. I wasn't sure if it was part of the culture there. Of course in France I expect to get a peck on each cheek when being welcomed by a friend.